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stockholm 29-30 january 2018


The Nordics will finally see its first , non-financial, Compliance Summit that is customized for the need of companies with business in several Nordic jurisdictions and internationally. We will cover 2 topics over 2 days.

The focus will be on practical implications of:

  • current regulation, 
  • outlooks for the future and 
  • comparative views by specialists from the Nordic countries and the EU
Amir Mohseni at Bokwall Rislund AdvokatbyrÄ interviewing the Nordic competition authorities Amir Mohseni at Bokwall Rislund AdvokatbyrÄ interviewing the Nordic competition authorities

Thank you to all the speakers and the attendants for making the 2018 summit a success! 

Mr. Keith Packer and his intriguing story
Keith is a former General Manager at British Airways World Cargo. The Cargo division was raided by the competition authority and investigated by the US Department of Justice for anti-competitive conduct in relation to surcharges.
Mr Packer had to serve 8 months in a US federal prison camp. 

Keith provides an eye-opening and engaging account of the events and adds real life impact to the importance of compliance trainings, he will speak on Day 2.   

Photo: Konkurrensverket Photo: Konkurrensverket

Mr. Rikard Jermsten, Director General Swedish Competition Authority

The session will be about:

  • The authority's newly gained power to block mergers that entered into force on the 1 January 2018
  • The SCA's priorities for 2018
  • Rikard will also be joined by representatives from the Danish, Norwegian and Finnish Competition auhtorities who will also talk about their respective priorites for 2018

day 1           
compliance and Anti-corruption

Focus will be on preventive compliance within companies and some examples of how this work can be done.

A review of the national legal  development in the anti- corruption area in the Nordic countries. We will also address the FCPA and the UK Bribery Act. The purpose is to bring more clarity into which risks Nordic companies operates under both in the Nordics and internationally.

day 2          
competition law


Competition law may be the most risky area of law for any company. The enourmous fines we all read about, cases that drag on for more than a decade and hard to predict if certain behaviours are illegal or not in every jurisdiction.

Even in the Nordics there are differences in application of competition law. The Summit will present the latest enforce- ment actions and priorities in the Nordics. 

day 3           
privacy and data protection, gdpr

The previously announced Day 3 has been cancelled due to some unforseen events. We are sorry for any inconvenience casued! If you already made a booking you will be contacted by the organizer, those who paid for this day will of course be reimbursed.

As you may have noticed we do not cover Iceland at this summit, there simply is not enough space in the agenda this year.


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Who is the summit for?
  • In-house counsels,
  • Compliance officers,
  • Data protection officers,
  • Lawyers,
  • Internal auditors,
  • Authorities,
  • Academia; and
  • Corporate decision makers.
 What makes this event unique?
  • It is developed by people who work with the topics on a Nordic level on an everyday basis,
  • It offers a comparative view of the four Nordic jurisdictions which will provide real guidance in your working life,
  • We are commited to create value for conference participants; and
  • Presentations are made by some of the prime experts in their field.

Unable to go for three days? - Send a colleague
Participants can share their participation with a colleague from the same organization, if e.g. you would only like to attend Day 1, a colleague can attend Day 2. It is also possible to only register for one day.

When and how to book?
Registration is open and the venue has limited space, don't miss out on this oportunity! Click "Registration" at the top of the site to secure your seat today.

this summit is made possible thanks to our partners